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How to Own a Quality Home While in a Budget

You are wishing to invest in a quality home. You look dreamy at first. You say every quality stuff costs too much. Well, WA Building Company asks you to think for a couple of times! We offer cheap home and land packages in Perth. We have more than 50 affordable home designs that fit your budget.

You only need to have $30,000 to head start! It looks like a dream? Think for a couple of times! We can also help you find yourself at home from $249 only per week. We even throw in $20,000 worth of premium upgrades. Enquire now and find out how you can own your own quality home!



Pennypincher Barn Company specializes in providing good quality small house kits, small cabin kits, small houses, tiny houses, and barn kits that are affordable, versatile and durable. Our kits can be used as timber frame houses, little homes, 4H horse barns, barn homes, rv garages, kennels, chalets, cabins, arenas, utility buildings, storage barns, carports, studios, workshops, home based offices, small animal barns, wineries, hobby or craft rooms, and much, much more.  We're confident that after you compare the value, quality, service, and durability of our home, and cabin kits to any other professional kit company you'll agree that Pennypincher’s provides a great product for the best price in town.  We are a small company.   Please use E-mail rather than calling.  Sales@pennypincherbarns.com

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Pennypincher Barn Company, Inc.

1-360-273-9470 Sales@PennyPincherBarns.com

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